The pros and cons of being a Games Developer


The games industry is a multi-million pound, fast-moving but high-risk industry. Games developers have an ever-growing desire to create innovative ideas and games from scratch and the industry is booming. But if you have a passion, make sure you’re insured to protect your income, ideas and reputation.


  • A games developer can utilise their creative mindset and technical knowledge to create something other gamers will enjoy. One of the main aspects of the job is testing, so not only do you create a game, you’ll be able to play it to make sure it’s fit for purpose.
  • Games industries adopt a casual working environment because employees are working on something they feel passionate about. If you are a self-employed games developer and work from the comfort of your own home, even better.
  • Competitive salary- With a demand for new ideas, original stories and characters, games companies only look for the best games developers out there. However, they are hard to come by because it’s a very specialized career, that’s why they’re offered an attractive salary so that they can produce the best games.


  • If you’re working towards a deadline, you may find yourself working well into the night to finish the job, making last-minute tweaks and details. However, when you’re tired and uncomfortable, mistakes can be made. Poor posture is another problem games developers and designers have in their line of work.
  • The games industry is very competitive, everyone wants to be recognised for their original ideas, which is why your product could be at risk of being compromised by competitors. This is where GG Insurance comes in, our Intellectual Property Insurance (IP) includes several cover types; troll defence, post grant patent defence and more.
  • Just like smoking, drinking and gambling, gaming can become an addiction. You might have created the next best game and be reaping the rewards of your success, then a member of the public accuses you that your game got them hooked. Our Game Developers Insurance includes Public & Products Liability cover, giving you peace of mind so you can get back to your passion.

Don’t let trolls, cyber-attacks, or copy-cats get in the way of your passion for developing games. Our combined expertise in insurance and passion for gaming provides specialist solutions for those in the games industry. Our range of cover options includes Insurance for Game Developers & Publishers, Insurance for Esports, Cyber, Intellectual Property and Insurance for Events.

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