Key Person Insurance

Specific liability insurance for those key individuals within your company.

Key Man Insurance
choosing the right insurance

Protect your key people...

Our Key Person Insurance helps safeguard your business against the potential financial impact from the loss of a key individual, who are unable to work due to death or a specified critical illness, during the length of a policy. It instils confidence that your business can survive, and thrive, even in the event of losing a key person.

Why do I need insurance with GG?

Risks come in all shapes and sizes.

Understanding Risk

We work with a wide variety of companies across the entire global games industry, regularly consulting industry-leading lawyers and working alongside them to understand and manage risk. This insight and access to specialist expertise allows us to provide the best possible advice, products and service to our clients, enabling us to talk you through the relevant options to your business.

Flexible Policies

The Games Industry is fast-moving and your insurance should always be ready to move with you. Signing a big deal with a new publisher could change the face of your studio overnight and you need to be ready. Unlike other providers, we do not charge any administration fees to make policy changes throughout the year and are always happy to hear from you about new developments to your business.

The Right Cover

We recognise that every client of ours, large and small, has highly unique and business-specific requirements. At GG, we will talk you through all the options available to you and advise on the right cover, based on up-to-date legal advice and our unparalleled expertise. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to build a policy that meets their bespoke needs, with the covers you want and/or need to have.

Global protection for the games industry

We deliver bespoke insurance solutions by working with industry leading insurers.

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