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If you are a broker, agent or insurer and would like to work with GG Insurance Services, we would love to hear from you! To get access to our products and/or network, please fill in the contact form below and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

Brokers, agents and insurers are all essential partners in the modern insurance industry. They play an important role in helping their clients find the coverage they need, and their advice and experience can be invaluable in helping customers make the right decisions.

Setting up your own video game business

Why Partner with GG Insurance Services?​

As an insurance broker that specialises in the video game industry, we understand the unique needs of video game companies and the risks that they face.

Video game companies require specialized insurance products that are tailored to their unique needs. Many of the risks faced by video game companies are not the same as those faced by other businesses and often not available in the general insurance market. Publishers and developers often face risks related to their software, hardware, intellectual property, player data, and other digital assets. These risks can be costly if they are not properly managed and having access to the right insurance products can help protect them from otherwise uninsured losses.

Our Insurance products can provide the security and reassurance of financial protection in the event of a wide variety of losses, as well as helping identify potential risks and take steps to minimize them. This can help them reduce their overall cost of risk.

The added value of working with a specialist…

In the increasingly competitive world of insurance, brokers and agents need to be able to offer their clients the best possible coverage and services. That’s why partnering with specialists in the video game industry can be a great way for brokers and agents to stand out from the competition.

At GG Insurance Services, we have a deep understanding of the video game industry and the risks associated with it. We have developed specialized policies to provide our customers with the best possible coverage. Our policies are designed to provide comprehensive and tailored coverage that meets the unique needs of the video game industry.

As specialists, we can provide you with expertise in specific areas of insurance to help ensure that you and your clients are getting the best coverage available and provide more comprehensive services to your clients and help you to expand your business.

We also provide a range of risk-management services and advice to help our partners protect their clients. Our team of experts is available to provide advice and guidance on the best ways to reduce risk, limit liability and ensure that our partners are providing their clients with the best possible coverage.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you provide the best products and service to an industry that we love.

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