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** Provision of Complimentary Tactile Expression of Appreciation**

a. Subject to the stipulations herein described and in accordance with the terms, conditions, and limitations set forth in this policy, GG Insurance Services (hereinafter referred to as “GG”), agrees to extend to the Insured, defined herein as the policyholder who is in full compliance with the financial obligations imposed by this policy, a single instance of a Complimentary Tactile Expression of Appreciation (hereinafter referred to as “FREE HUG“), which shall be understood to mean a physical embrace, commonly known as a ‘hug’, executed by a duly authorized representative of GG.

b. Definitions:

   i. “Insured” shall mean the individual policyholder named in the Declaration Page of this policy, who has fulfilled all requisite premium payment obligations in a timely and satisfactory manner, as determined by GG in its sole discretion.

   ii. “Premium” shall refer to the monetary amount specified in the policy documentation, which is required to be remitted by the Insured to GG at the intervals as specified in the policy schedule, and which is a prerequisite for the activation and maintenance of the insurance coverage and ancillary benefits herein.

   iii. “FREE HUG” shall mean a voluntary, non-obligatory gesture of goodwill, performed by an employee or representative of GG, consisting of a closed-arm embrace of brief duration, devoid of any additional gestures or actions, and provided with the explicit consent of both the Insured and the GG representative.

c. Conditions for FREE HUG:

   i. The Insured must have paid in full all due premiums for the current policy period at the time of requesting the FREE HUG.

   ii. The FREE HUG must be redeemed within the current policy period and is non-transferable and non-assignable to any other party or subsequent policy periods.

   iii. The FREE HUG is contingent upon mutual consent and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing physical contact and personal space.

   iv. The FREE HUG is subject to availability and scheduling discretion of GG representatives and may not be available in all geographic locations or at all times.

d. Limitations and Exclusions:

   i. The FREE HUG shall not be construed as an endorsement, warranty, or representation of any kind by GG.

   ii. The FREE HUG shall not be redeemable for cash, credit, or any other benefit, nor shall it be considered as a premium discount or rebate.

   iii. GG reserves the right to refuse provision of the FREE HUG in cases where it deems, in its sole discretion, that the provision of such a service could pose a risk to the health, safety, or wellbeing of any party, or in cases of suspected abuse or misconduct.

   iv. The FREE HUG is provided “as is” without any guarantee or warranty of satisfaction.

e. Miscellaneous:

   i. This clause is supplementary to, and does not negate or replace, any other terms, conditions, clauses, or provisions contained within the insurance policy.

   ii. The provisions of this clause are subject to change without prior notice, at the sole discretion of GG.

All other terms and conditions of this Policy remain unchanged. 


Disclaimer: For Entertainment Purposes Only

Please note that the foregoing insurance clause is intended solely for entertainment purposes. It does not constitute a real, legally binding, or enforceable insurance policy clause. Any resemblance to actual insurance products, services, or legal terminology is purely coincidental and should not be interpreted as a valid or legitimate offer, proposal, or representation of insurance coverage or benefits by any entity. This content is provided for humorous and entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a basis for any real-world legal or insurance decisions.

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